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Flute Is Tree’s Child


Each beautifully crafted flute we play was once a part of a tree. Within each tree, animals did dwell, birds nested and sang, winds blew, growth occurred and there was a community surrounding it.  When I play a flute, I begin with thanks to the tree, to the sun and rain, winds and community which once nourished this tree.  I thank the flute maker who gave this new life as an instrument of song.  The Lakota called trees ‘standing people’ and respected their equality under all existence.  čháŋ  or čháŋ wakan (sacred tree or sundance tree).

That is what I am thinking about right now.  Grateful and thankful for trees.

(If I knew who took this photo, I would gladly give credit to those involved!)




You are invited to learn to play Native American Flute with someone who knows you can do it.


The flutes above have been hand made with love and skill by JP Gomez of Heartsong Flutes in Sedona Arizona USA. These are for adults who appreciate a perfectly tuned concert instrument and wish to learn on the best quality flute (believe me, it makes a difference).  I have ten available in a variety of keys, timbers and styles. Flute circles for adult learners can be a lively but relaxing experience.

I have also just received ten beautifully crafted children’s flutes by Kuzin Bruce. These are affordable yet extremely well made and tuned. All child flutes are in the key of Cminor for little musicians ages ten and up who wish to learn and make lovely music. Small classes or one-on-one.


Simple Flute Lesson: Forest Call


Solstice Sunrise 21 June

Solstice Sunrise June 21


Beautiful Flutes Available to Order!


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Australians and beyond! You can order the most amazing flutes on earth, learn to play, and join me in Flute Dreaming Circles.

These flutes, from Heartsong Flutes in Sedona Arizona USA, are impeccably crafted by JP Gomez.

Each one is unique with a perfect voice and tone.

The richness of each flute, and the timber it is created with, enable your flute to transform your second voice into a heavenly and soothing song.

Now, you can order one from me!


Here are some photos of these glorious instruments.
From left to right, Sedona Concert Flute, Drone, Grandfather Flute, 3 Courting Flutes (love flutes).

















Flutes-April-2939-400 Flutes-April-2942-400 Flutes-April-2941-400

This is a closeup of a redwood and black walnut drone flute with Kingman turquoise cabuchon and painted feathers. It is in F# but can be made to order in different keys.



To the right is a grandfather flute, based on a flute from the 1800’s, crafted in Port Orford cedar.






Each flute has a unique personality and also develops more resonance and range with consistent playing and care…






Closeup shows curved mouthpiece on each Courting Flute…

These timbers are,
(L to R)

Coastal Redwood,


Black Walnut.

All have a contemporary bear block with turquoise and twisted leather ties.



Charts for North American Flutes

Beginner? You can buy my book of fingering charts and CD playing each one simply in the key of A. $35 via paypal will make this book come to you as PDF (book) and MP3(music) downloads. If you want the hard copy and the actual CD, I’d be happy to post these to you as long as you cover the postage. That’s about $5 in Australia, a bit more everywhere else… Email me, and we can work it out.

Do you want fingering charts? Well, I have created dozens, and here is the good news: I can make one for you, for any song you like to know. All you have to do is ask me, and send me the song or link to the song you would like to play on your flute. Of course, I will chart it for you. Be aware that most flutes can only stretch 12 to 16 notes, so it will be the BEST I can do with the notes underneath my finger pads…

Of course, I will be happy to do this for free, as long as I get to share these charts with everyone else. I know there are many sites with fingering charts, but mine are EASY TO SEE, as I have created my own style. SEE? It’s a JPEG, only half the size of the real file, so if you want the printable, great looking chart, you have to email me!

Flute Fingers-Scale




Come to beautiful Mullumbimby, New South Wales, for a weekend to uplift your spirit and express your most beautiful self! Catch up with me and my beautiful flutes in circle, with stories, music, dreaming and sound… Day or evening tickets available, or grab a pass for the whole weekend at a discount, using my special code: CLO for 10% off.


Heartsong Flutes Available!


Sedona Concert Flutes

These are professional concert quality flutes, designed as a very versatile performing instrument for studio and live recordings. Great tonal quality, voice and tuning. Traditional flute body design. Beautiful sound, easy to play. Contemporary block carvings: raven, bear, hawk. Variety of timbers including aromatic Eastern red cedar, western red cedar, Aspen (pale), Redwood and rich, dark Black Walnut.

The first six available are in the keys of A, G and F#. Please contact me if you wish to experience these amazing flutes.

MOB: 0401 266 675               EMAIL:

Sedona Concert Flutes


New Flutes – Bright Sound

Kuzin Bruce Flutes

Click on the link above to see four different and lively cedar flutes made by Kuzin Bruce in North America. We are playing many different keys during Flute Circle (see pages) but we always try to spend some time united in the key of A – with everyone learning a new tune or a harmony or cascading (like a waterfall of the tune, flowing and rolling in upon itself) in this key. We will soon have more F# flutes to play together in circle.

Bruce has made these flutes very light and beautifully tuned for learning to love and play a Native Flute. For Flute Circle information, please click on the PAGE: Flute Circles or contact me at

Mitakuye oyassin. Maka sitomni. Hecitu welo. (We are all relatives. Everything on earth. This is so.)

The sounds of these flutes are also incorporated into the meditation and chanting sessions, adding a deeply relaxing element for your personal journey during these times.

Looking for lessons online? Message me, as I am crafting these video lessons now…