Native American Songs

Flute Circle Time

Just CLICK to play the short video:   Flute1-Lullabye-FB

Here is a simple and lovely little lullabye, from the Lakota tradition in North America (where I come from). I created this little video to show learners where to place fingers and kept it simple. There is also a fingering chart for this, if you like.
Do you want to learn? Please let me know and I will send you some simple lessons I have crafted on video. If you are lucky enough to live in Byron Bay, Australia, then you are invited to join the Flute Circle. I also travel north and south, leading circles in Brisbane and all the way to Rye, Victoria.

I have created some easy to print, easy to read, fingering charts for dozens of songs;  traditional Lakota Olowan, Sanskrit Chants, contemporary and public domain songs and tunes. The beginner book of SIXTEEN fingering charts comes with a simple version of each tune on CD, and a couple of harmonies for these, so you can learn how your flute song is supposed to sound in the key of A. Naturally, if your flute is another key, at least you will still get to know how each song goes. Each chart can be used for all keys. I can send you a download (pdf).

It would be great to hear from you.


Claudia Ocean