About Ocean Love Song

Let’s singdancelaughplaylove!

oceanlovesong.com is for you if you want a more creative and fulfilling time as a Native American flute player.  The ‘stuff’ of life is in your hands now, and includes tons of love, fun & laughter, travel, excitement, adventure, passion and elation. It also includes quiet moments of bliss.

When you feel you are on the ‘hamster wheel’ and that all you do all day is NOT what you want to do… PLEASE STOP! Make a life, don’t just make a living. You deserve it. We will all thank you for it.

Inside this place,  you will find some flute happenings in Australia.

Videos coming soon.

There will be words of Native American Wisdom, and teachings from leaders past and present, who walked in many different places on our precious planet and left their gifts for our learning. It is my wish that you feel inspired by beings who have inspired me.

You can spend time breathing in the wonder of life on this beautiful earth and the glorious possibilities you can be a part of. Learn to see what is in front of you. Learn to also see the unseen forces and learn to hear and recognise the note which is your note, from deep within you.

This might be your GPS of the soul’s yearning, in this place, where you can find stories, images, music and sounds, activities to help you relax and open to the flow, tasks to undertake, quests to pursue and practices to commit to … all leading you to love your life, your work, your people, your own magnificent self.

Here is a path to grasp your life with all your limbs and embrace the most powerful light which is you.

Who is inhabiting the earth suit and named Claudia Ocean?

I’m just an ordinary woman who has been gifted with an extraordinary life. I have moved continents and spoken many languages. My career was spent first as a Fortune 100 Marketing Manager, and later as a creator of income for several amazing charities who have changed the world.

I have loved being a parent and brought forth five new human beings and helped them to grow and learn. I have been graced with time and teachings from many indigenous groups of people, especially grandmothers.

I lead song circles. I play an orchestra of instruments and have truly found my ‘note’ in the sound and song of flutes and drums, chants and other-worldly music.

I have figured out how to absolutely love each and every moment of my life. I would love to help you to feel as happy as I am to be simply ‘here.’

I sell magical instruments. Native American flutes, Gasong faerie drums and medicine drums.

I teach people how to play music. I run harmonious workshops and jam sessions and create all kinds of colourful mayhem with paint and pencil, sewing and dancing my way through a very rich and tactile universe.


name:  claudia ocean
email:  oceanlovesong (at) gmail.(dot) com
country: australia
bio: working since age 11 at various endeavours,
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller,
Charity Superstar, Marketing Geek, Corporate Business Development,
[many offspring], Marathon Swimmer, Writer, Illustrator,
Seeker, Technology Sponge, Rainbow Multi Cultural, Cross Pollinator

I am a natural leader, and love to share everything I have learned with anyone who is looking for a way.

Om shanti


Wopila (Lakota for ‘many many thanks’)