Your Primary Relationship

Your primary relationship … is with yourself. When you can be satisfied with [happy with] who you are, you can sit in comfort with anyone else.

Relationships are sometimes played out with lots of stories and mind-games and ‘He says – she says’ debate. Someone wants to win. Someone wants to be ‘on top’. Is this a good way to walk the earth with someone you love? How about complete acceptance and surrender that you are everything you need to be… and your love is a reflection of that.

perfection lies in the surrender to all that is, which is perfectI have been taught that I can change my brain. I can retrain it, teach it to operate in a completely new way, a more luminous and connected way, by tapping my third eye and my heart alternately, while holding my cortex with my entire hand. My hand/ the human hand, being a wonderful conduit. My heart / the human heart, being a brain itself, with many neural synapses just like the brain. Connecting heart and mind, thinking through my heart, speaking through my heart. Is this why it’s called ‘Heart Intelligence’?

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