What Is Your Passion?

What is your passion?

My passion # 1: expression

Some people know, from the day they are born, what they are passionate about. Their tiny, newborn limbs wiggle, wave, pump when they are liking something. Their tiny, newborn voices raise the roof when they are not liking something.

Some people take a lifetime to uncover SOME THING they feel passionate about.

What is your passion? What are your five most important passions? Your dear people? Your pet? Your pursuit? The career? Fashion? Food? Reading? Fitness?

Isn’t it fascinating that we all have so many different choices and so many different things to feel passionate about?

I feel passionate about living each moment as a joyful, expansive, learning, expressive experience. I have many passions for many pursuits. Music, singing, song, dance, art, painting, coloured pencils [duh! you can see this], the smell of the peach fuzz head on my beautiful grandson Max, the fanciful expressive speech of my loving grandson Arrow, the fact of my son, Noah, growing and growing until he can reach the stars! Ah! The wonder of humans. The miracle of life on earth. The songs of the birds so early in the mornings as I awaken, listening inside my tipi.

What are your passions? Do you know? Do you ever think about it? Do you think that you even need to know? Do you crave a passionate pursuit – something you can desire which motivates you to move forward and do something about it?

How does one begin to realise the life they dream of? Perhaps a good start is to uncover what you love in life. Perhaps a good start is to do more of what you love in life, with the people you love.

I would love to see your list of things you feel passionate about! Tell me. I want to know.

In peace…

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