Your Unique Heartbeat

What I want to remind you of today is this: your own heartbeat, unlike any other, can be guided by your own free will. The stuff of your emotions. The meaning behind each ray of sunlight which warms your chest cavity. The beating of another heart. The purring of your pussycat. The exhileration of a dash to the finish line. Your own heartbeat. Nobody else’s.

I didn’t know it last August, but now I do know that I am a great teacher of the djembe. I have taken master classes with drummers all over the world. I have been drumming for many years. I love sharing the drums in a giant circle of people, singing and drumming and being boisterous and vocal. I love showing someone a new beat, or getting into a nice ‘talking drum’ conversation with good people. The beauty is that everyone can speak this language, everywhere.

Saturday there were three Africans, two Indonesians, ten Australians, old and young, animal and human being… all at the amphitheatre in a curved space, all enjoying the beating of the djembes. This lights up my Saturday afternoons. Want to join us? BYO drum or play one of mine.


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