Sing Out

Please remember to sing. Your unique voice and your own song holds within it a special energy. One of the reasons you are here, with a voice, is to use it to make song. Your song can work wonders for the universe. Sing it. Just let go with your voice and breath and allow your song to come out across the land, the water, the skies. Night or day, take your song outside.

If you are lucky enough to like your song and your singing, you might wish to gather others and lead them in song, sound and music. I promise this will lift you and raise the vibration of the surrounding area in concentric ripples. Throw your stone in a pond if you want to see what I am writing you about.

Embarrassed? Did someone once tell you not to sing? That you didn’t sound good? That you can’t carry a tune? Do you tell this to yourself? Please stop! Your song is perfectly tuned, and you are most welcome to use it.

Song uses a part of your brain which you need to activate in order to step into your full life.

Do you think this is silly? Consider this: I may be wrong, but I may be right. IF I am right, you have nothing to lose. IF I am WRONG, guess what? You still have nothing to lose!

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