Worksheet: My beautiful life

Here is an activity for you. Do you know what you like/love to do? Do you realise that you are happy doing certain things? Great! What are some of these things which fill your life with joy? Write these things down. Have a peek at my sample illustration. I’ll post a template on the HOMEWORK pages, which you can print out in colour.

Grab some colourful pencils, write your phrases along the lines… things which give you joy and happiness and a sense of purpose … actions which satisfy you or make you feel complete.

Sample illustration: My Beautiful Life

Prepare to spend the rest of your life doing what you absolutely love to do… with the people you love (you don’t even have to know who they are, yet.)

If you want some ideas, wait! First, really try to think what you want more of in your life…

My filled-in version is in the next post … (click here)

(dream big!)

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