Lift Your Spirit

I invite you to lift your spirits up. Sometimes, we are the only ones who can do this. My friend once said to me, “So! You think you can be happy all the time just by making the decision to be happy and content?” My friend thought this was extreme nonsense. He is still very cranky and unhappy in his life and blames everyone else for this.

I said, ‘YES!’ and then I decided to be happy and content, accept the universe is helping me and that all my timeline serves some eternal purpose. I said, ‘YES!’ instead of worrying about finance and the future and the far flung goals and objectives.

Ever since I said this word, ‘YES!’ things go well for me. I have met people who teach me exactly what I need to learn. Fabric goes on sale when I need to make two more djembe bags. People who owe me something suddenly make things right. My aunt experiences a miracle. Cars involved in an accident come to a halt before hitting my car. I find signs on the shoreline that I am on the right road.

I said YES and my flutes were crafted and sent to me. I said YES again and the drum makers said they just received 100 mahogany shells from Java. The wind chime makers sent me beautiful products. The sage harvest arrived. The markets invited me to be a part of their Village Life section.

I said YES and the songwriter asked me to co-publish his new tune.

I said to the winds ‘Send me someone who is a good match for me right now.’

Within minutes (not days) there was a stranger speaking to me and asking me about my life and then coming to my flute and drum workshops and then inviting his friends and now guess what? All is going extremely well and I am learning about another culture and its songs from the South Pacific islands. We are jamming with instruments and sounds I have never known about and the rich life of music is expanding.

Please say yes. YES. YESSSSSSSSSSS……

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