Meditation – landscaping another dimension

I can sit quietly anywhere. On the train. In the library (that’s easy, everyone is supposed to sit quietly), in the middle of a crowded airport, in my home, in a mass of agitated people. How? I meditate with my pencils and paper.

The ancients call this a Yantra. A mantra which is drawn. It can be a mandala, crafted with a compass and protractor. It can be a simple meandering in colour and line. See this one? This is a landscape of my thoughts while I was sitting and waiting for something, someone, a time.

It is said that we cannot change others or other situations – that we can only change ourselves, our thoughts, our responses. I find that drawing or sketching or just colouring in shapes helps me to cope with ‘the wait.’ In the end, I have a lot of pictures to browse through, the landscape of my colourful mind, the outpourings of my fingers and threads of my pencilled thoughts.

Drawing places me in another dimension, a quiet one. A greasy crayon ‘amen’ or a delicate Derwent-inspired ‘hallelujah’ and sometimes a coloured felt tip ‘om mani padme hum.’

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