What is your note?

Some say that we are an experiment, made by the energy of Creation. A combination and cross pollination between the angels and the animals.

Some also say that everything began with a single sound: aummmmmm

We each have a particular frequency. Think about it. We each respond to sounds differently. We each make different sounds.

The sounds of angels combined with the sounds of animals: human beings. What is your note? Can you make a sound which is your humm when you are happy and content and creating something? What is your secret sound you make that only a few people have heard? Is there a sound you use to call your animals? your children? your lover? Hmmmm.  Ahhhhh! mmmmm. oooooohhhh.

If you extend on the great angel/animal experiment, you may agree that what we got from the angels includes:

    • the ability to create or destroy with a single look
    • vision beyond what can be touched and tasted
    • intuition
    • soul connection and ‘knowingness’
    • crystal construction – we are each made from a star
That which is based on animal ancestry includes:
    • a need for food and water
    • sex and reproduction
    • a life window of time which has an expiration date (this includes the ageing process)
    • five senses

What is your note? Do you sing? Make sound? Do you seek your note? Would you like to know it?

Some say that love is learning that song in your lover’s heart, and singing it back to him when he has forgotten.

To learn your ocean song is to sing yourself back to your source, and expand the well of love which springs from this. From here, to flow with the River of Consciousness into the Ocean of human thought, expanding it’s light of love and creating a realm more of of Peace and Abundance, and less of other thoughts.

What is your note? can it be written in tablature? Or is it a note of light? spinning and flying inside your life?

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