New Flutes – Bright Sound

Kuzin Bruce Flutes

Click on the link above to see four different and lively cedar flutes made by Kuzin Bruce in North America. We are playing many different keys during Flute Circle (see pages) but we always try to spend some time united in the key of A – with everyone learning a new tune or a harmony or cascading (like a waterfall of the tune, flowing and rolling in upon itself) in this key. We will soon have more F# flutes to play together in circle.

Bruce has made these flutes very light and beautifully tuned for learning to love and play a Native Flute. For Flute Circle information, please click on the PAGE: Flute Circles or contact me at

Mitakuye oyassin. Maka sitomni. Hecitu welo. (We are all relatives. Everything on earth. This is so.)

The sounds of these flutes are also incorporated into the meditation and chanting sessions, adding a deeply relaxing element for your personal journey during these times.

Looking for lessons online? Message me, as I am crafting these video lessons now…


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