Charts for North American Flutes

Beginner? You can buy my book of fingering charts and CD playing each one simply in the key of A. $35 via paypal will make this book come to you as PDF (book) and MP3(music) downloads. If you want the hard copy and the actual CD, I’d be happy to post these to you as long as you cover the postage. That’s about $5 in Australia, a bit more everywhere else… Email me, and we can work it out.

Do you want fingering charts? Well, I have created dozens, and here is the good news: I can make one for you, for any song you like to know. All you have to do is ask me, and send me the song or link to the song you would like to play on your flute. Of course, I will chart it for you. Be aware that most flutes can only stretch 12 to 16 notes, so it will be the BEST I can do with the notes underneath my finger pads…

Of course, I will be happy to do this for free, as long as I get to share these charts with everyone else. I know there are many sites with fingering charts, but mine are EASY TO SEE, as I have created my own style. SEE? It’s a JPEG, only half the size of the real file, so if you want the printable, great looking chart, you have to email me!

Flute Fingers-Scale


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