Beautiful Flutes Available to Order!


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Australians and beyond! You can order the most amazing flutes on earth, learn to play, and join me in Flute Dreaming Circles.

These flutes, from Heartsong Flutes in Sedona Arizona USA, are impeccably crafted by JP Gomez.

Each one is unique with a perfect voice and tone.

The richness of each flute, and the timber it is created with, enable your flute to transform your second voice into a heavenly and soothing song.

Now, you can order one from me!


Here are some photos of these glorious instruments.
From left to right, Sedona Concert Flute, Drone, Grandfather Flute, 3 Courting Flutes (love flutes).

















Flutes-April-2939-400 Flutes-April-2942-400 Flutes-April-2941-400

This is a closeup of a redwood and black walnut drone flute with Kingman turquoise cabuchon and painted feathers. It is in F# but can be made to order in different keys.



To the right is a grandfather flute, based on a flute from the 1800’s, crafted in Port Orford cedar.






Each flute has a unique personality and also develops more resonance and range with consistent playing and care…






Closeup shows curved mouthpiece on each Courting Flute…

These timbers are,
(L to R)

Coastal Redwood,


Black Walnut.

All have a contemporary bear block with turquoise and twisted leather ties.


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