Happiness In The Rain

It is pelting down rain, raining cats and dogs, tumultuous, monsoonal, earth soaking rain! Wonderful wonderful Father Sky is helping Mother Earth wash all the gunk of human habitation out to her oceans, where there is some small hope that the toxicity will be able to be churned into pure light. We must help, however, and here is how.

Go to the place you love, the nature place. Go to this place alone or with like-mindeds. Get earthed, in bare feet. Spend a few minutes saluting the four directions. Open up sacred space. Get into the mood for galactic ‘contact’. Invite all starkeepers to help you. Now, feel the Earth, your Mother, in your heart. Greet her. Feel her heartbeat. Thank her for everything she has given you, one thing after another. Take as much time as you need. Speak out loud. Feel her begin to hum. Sing to her. Feel her pastures waving with grass. Feel the ripple of the waves of loving energy refreshing and reviving her. Feel your way into her rivers, and out to her oceans, and feel your love beginning to give her strength. Love her, and she will be able to work her magic to heal herself.

Then, when you have done ‘enough’ for now… walk back to your home place in silence. Hold the space for Earth to weave herself back into stasis.

Next, consider her in all you do. The ecological home-dweller. Make small positive changes in how you treat food, water, resources, energy. Repair things instead of throwing them away. Don’t cook more than you can all eat. Reduce your footprint. Just do what you can. Next day, do a bit more. Use a bit less.

Pass it on.

Learn to love your wet feet in this rain. Learn to love the way the raindrops kiss your skin. Learn to love the song of the wind in the trees, the pound of the ocean, the tapping of rain on the roof. Love this rain and remember it, for when it is drought again.


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