FLUTES, Native American timber

Heartsong Courting Flutes

Heartsong Courting Flutes by JP Gomez

The most beautiful flute in the world is the one which gives you a ‘second voice’ with which to sing what is in your heart. I have found the best flutemaker to enable you to do just this! His name is JP Gomez and he has been making flutes for all of us, including Grammy Award-winning artists, for over seventeen years.

Enjoy the deep beauty and rich, tonal quality which arise within Heartsong Flutes – from Sedona Arizona. These are impeccably crafted with much love and care by JP Gomez. He makes each one himself and tunes each voice and note with all his heart. Just like a snowflake, each is unique and no two are ever the same.

These are Native American style flutes. Now, you can buy them from me as well!

I will post images and prices as soon as I receive them. For now, I will add photos of my own flute collection from this amazing being.

Bless us. Bless the standing people (trees). Bless our flutemaker.

ALL SOLD: Arrived April 2013 A, F, E Heartsong Courting Flutes.


If you are outside the USA, you can order these through me. Please email oceanlovesong@gmail.com for photos and pricing, or have a look at www.heartsongflutes.com to view all the possibilities from the flute maker: JP Gomez. Each flute is a work of art, perfectly tuned, impeccably crafted, voiced and blessed.