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Your Primary Relationship

Your primary relationship … is with yourself. When you can be satisfied with [happy with] who you are, you can sit in comfort with anyone else.

Relationships are sometimes played out with lots of stories and mind-games and ‘He says – she says’ debate. Someone wants to win. Someone wants to be ‘on top’. Is this a good way to walk the earth with someone you love? How about complete acceptance and surrender that you are everything you need to be… and your love is a reflection of that.

perfection lies in the surrender to all that is, which is perfectI have been taught that I can change my brain. I can retrain it, teach it to operate in a completely new way, a more luminous and connected way, by tapping my third eye and my heart alternately, while holding my cortex with my entire hand. My hand/ the human hand, being a wonderful conduit. My heart / the human heart, being a brain itself, with many neural synapses just like the brain. Connecting heart and mind, thinking through my heart, speaking through my heart. Is this why it’s called ‘Heart Intelligence’?


Happiness In The Rain

It is pelting down rain, raining cats and dogs, tumultuous, monsoonal, earth soaking rain! Wonderful wonderful Father Sky is helping Mother Earth wash all the gunk of human habitation out to her oceans, where there is some small hope that the toxicity will be able to be churned into pure light. We must help, however, and here is how.

Go to the place you love, the nature place. Go to this place alone or with like-mindeds. Get earthed, in bare feet. Spend a few minutes saluting the four directions. Open up sacred space. Get into the mood for galactic ‘contact’. Invite all starkeepers to help you. Now, feel the Earth, your Mother, in your heart. Greet her. Feel her heartbeat. Thank her for everything she has given you, one thing after another. Take as much time as you need. Speak out loud. Feel her begin to hum. Sing to her. Feel her pastures waving with grass. Feel the ripple of the waves of loving energy refreshing and reviving her. Feel your way into her rivers, and out to her oceans, and feel your love beginning to give her strength. Love her, and she will be able to work her magic to heal herself.

Then, when you have done ‘enough’ for now… walk back to your home place in silence. Hold the space for Earth to weave herself back into stasis.

Next, consider her in all you do. The ecological home-dweller. Make small positive changes in how you treat food, water, resources, energy. Repair things instead of throwing them away. Don’t cook more than you can all eat. Reduce your footprint. Just do what you can. Next day, do a bit more. Use a bit less.

Pass it on.

Learn to love your wet feet in this rain. Learn to love the way the raindrops kiss your skin. Learn to love the song of the wind in the trees, the pound of the ocean, the tapping of rain on the roof. Love this rain and remember it, for when it is drought again.



I Draw My Beautiful Life

I have filled in my template! Have you done yours? Do you need some ideas to help you realise what you really want in your life? Here are some.. remember everyone wants a different life. (Why would I want somebody else’s life?)

Perhaps some of your words or phrases would include:

Sailing adventures
Camping weekends
Pretty Horses in my paddock
A house filled with children
Unlimited Financial Resources
Apartment in the City
Lively lunches with friends
A box seat at the Gran Prix
Trips to exotic countries
My own school for little people
A Harley Davidson and time to enjoy it
Gardens filled with perfumed roses
A massage each and every day
My own successful small art gallery

The possibilities are as numerous as there are people to think them up! Please, go ahead and print out the work sheet and start drawing your Beautiful Life…


Worksheet: My beautiful life

Here is an activity for you. Do you know what you like/love to do? Do you realise that you are happy doing certain things? Great! What are some of these things which fill your life with joy? Write these things down. Have a peek at my sample illustration. I’ll post a template on the HOMEWORK pages, which you can print out in colour.

Grab some colourful pencils, write your phrases along the lines… things which give you joy and happiness and a sense of purpose … actions which satisfy you or make you feel complete.

Sample illustration: My Beautiful Life

Prepare to spend the rest of your life doing what you absolutely love to do… with the people you love (you don’t even have to know who they are, yet.)

If you want some ideas, wait! First, really try to think what you want more of in your life…

My filled-in version is in the next post … (click here)

(dream big!)


What is your note?

Some say that we are an experiment, made by the energy of Creation. A combination and cross pollination between the angels and the animals.

Some also say that everything began with a single sound: aummmmmm

We each have a particular frequency. Think about it. We each respond to sounds differently. We each make different sounds.

The sounds of angels combined with the sounds of animals: human beings. What is your note? Can you make a sound which is your humm when you are happy and content and creating something? What is your secret sound you make that only a few people have heard? Is there a sound you use to call your animals? your children? your lover? Hmmmm.  Ahhhhh! mmmmm. oooooohhhh.

If you extend on the great angel/animal experiment, you may agree that what we got from the angels includes:

    • the ability to create or destroy with a single look
    • vision beyond what can be touched and tasted
    • intuition
    • soul connection and ‘knowingness’
    • crystal construction – we are each made from a star
That which is based on animal ancestry includes:
    • a need for food and water
    • sex and reproduction
    • a life window of time which has an expiration date (this includes the ageing process)
    • five senses

What is your note? Do you sing? Make sound? Do you seek your note? Would you like to know it?

Some say that love is learning that song in your lover’s heart, and singing it back to him when he has forgotten.

To learn your ocean song is to sing yourself back to your source, and expand the well of love which springs from this. From here, to flow with the River of Consciousness into the Ocean of human thought, expanding it’s light of love and creating a realm more of of Peace and Abundance, and less of other thoughts.

What is your note? can it be written in tablature? Or is it a note of light? spinning and flying inside your life?


First Post: Ocean Lovesong

In order to learn who you are, why you have come here, and what is your purpose, you might want to accept that you are here, for a reason, and have a purpose.

You may have a sound, a song, which lives in your heart. I think you were meant to sing this and make music with other beings. I think you have come here to give who you are to everyone and everything which is here, waiting for you.

The road of discovery is adventurous and exciting and filled with light and colour and laughter.

Bless you and everything you do, from now on.